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twg_rena's Journal

17 January
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There's not really a whole lot to tell about myself. I'm not that extraordinary of a person. I am a single mother of two children who takes care of her parents. I have a lot of "extended/adopted" family whom I love as if they really were my family. I love to sing. I especially love to write...everything from fan fiction to poetry to novels. I have some that I should have submitted for publishing years ago but still have not gotten up the nerve to do so. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
america's got talent, books, crocheting, csi, csi: ny, fan fiction, harry potter, lord of the rings, lots of others, movies, mt dew, my "daughter" rosie, my "lil bro" billy, my daughter lys, my daughter mandy, my real life family, my sis becky, my sis terri, signs of seven trilogy, singing, sweet tea, the biggest loser, the chronicles of narnia, twg, twilight, writing